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Konyanyanchiwa! My name is Elfa and this is my tumblr blog where I post basically everything that catches my fancy. I can proudly say that I made all the graphics here by myself! Enjoy tumblring through my blog and thanks for stopping by!

Sailor Mercury Crystal transformation

Heat of the Moment

The day started like it always did: sugar with a splash of coffee and a croissant, a quick jog around the nearby park, and arrival at the office. As she entered the FBI building, Rhiannon realized it was almost two years ago that she first stepped inside it, first as an intern and later as a fully-fledged BAU agent. Sometimes she still had to pinch herself to make sure that it wasn’t a dream. Of course, working for the BAU wasn’t always fun and nice - of course it wasn’t. Delving into the minds of serial killers and psychopaths was never fun. She lived for the days where they caught the criminals and managed to save the day. Granted, those days were few and far between, but that made those days so very special to her. At the beginning of her internship she woke from nightmares quite often, but as time passed she started to meditate every night, and her nightmares slowly became fewer. She still had them every now and then of course, but she managed to overcome them.

As she was still quite new to the team she usually had to write more reports than the other agents. But she liked writing reports, so it wasn’t a huge problem. She also had a sneaking suspicion that Morgan sometimes slipped her one or two extra reports. She didn’t really mind though. Just as she put the last dot on her fifth report, she heard a small groan from the cubicle next to her. She glanced over to her neighbour worriedly. Spencer was getting a migraine again. It had started out of nowhere a few months a go and no one knew why. Rhiannon was aware that Spencer was getting more and more worried as days went by and the doctors still couldn’t find out what was wrong. She knew that Spencer was worried that this was a manifestation of the paranoid schizophrenia his mother also had, but Rhiannon, after spending many nights awake, had a suspicion it was mostly stress that made Spencer get headaches. She was aware that he rarely took days off. Not to mention that the job itself was extremely stressful. Plus, Spencer was a pretty sensitive guy, so frankly – it didn’t surprise her that the stress managed to find a way to manifest itself.

She had also read a lot about how to relieve someone’s headache by massaging the head, and she was about to see if it would help. Standing up from her chair she moved a few steps to her right and stopped just behind Reid’s chair.

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